Firm Ethos

The Garrard Firm is centered on the principle that trial preparedness drives favorable litigation outcomes, and that there is no substitute for effort. We work tirelessly to ensure our client's interests are positioned for maximum leverage from case initiation through settlement or trial.  


Our Vision

We believe advocacy should be efficient, agile, and effective. This means our client's resources are well utilized in pursuit of their interests, and not wasted on efforts which will not affect settlement position or trial preparedness. 

Agility is required with respect to long term litigation goals as well as the individual moments throughout a lawsuit. Counsel should be able to change directions fluidly as needed to suit the client's needs or in response to case developments. 

Effective advocacy means accurately assessing the strength of litigation positions, communicating clearly with the client, and executing litigation strategies and tactics to protect and advance our client's interests. 

The Glory of a Good Lawyer

Is to Win a Bad Trial.

( Balzac)

Value 01.

Work Harder

At The Garrard Firm we believe the most important ingredient for success is effort. There is no substitution for preparation. We strive to out hustle our opponents in all we do.